"The Excel 2007 PRODUCT Function Guide - Example Demonstration"

The Excel 2007 PRODUCT function provides a quick way to multiple numbers and returns the product (result).

The advantage of using this function becomes apparent if you have several numbers to multiply together. It is easier then building a long formula.

The syntax for the PRODUCT function is:

=PRODUCT (Number1, Number2, ... Number255)

Number1, Number2, … is numbers that enter into the Excel spreadsheet. Up to 255 numbers can be entered into the function.

To use the PRODUCT function (an example)

  • Enter the following data into cells C1 to C3:
  • Excel 2007 data

  • Click on cell C5 - the location where the results will be displayed.
  • Click on the Excel 2007 Formulas tab.
  • Choose Math & Trig from the ribbon to open the function drop down list.
  • Excel 2007 Product function

  • Click on PRODUCT in the list to bring up the function's dialog box.
  • From the Function Arguments dialog box displayed, enter C1 for Number1 and C2 for Number2.
  • Excel 2007 Product function arguments

  • Click OK. The result will display on cell C5 that is 80 in this case.
  • The results you will get:

  • =Product(C1, C2) would return 80.
    =Product(C1, C2, C3) would return 720.
    =Product(C1, C2, C3, -2) would return -1440.

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