"Excel 2007 Help - Solving your Excel Hassle!"

The Excel 2007 Help system is an excellent source of information that many users tend to forget about it.

This Help information is available by clicking the question mark icon in the upper-right corner of Excel's window. Or, just press F1 key to displays Excel Help in a new window.

This page will guide you how to use the Excel 2007 help feature effectively. So, if you encounter any problem while using the Excel 2007, you can use this Help topic to solve your problem.

To get help in Excel 2007

  • Click on the Microsoft Office Excel Help icon (top-right of the screen with question mark icon)
  • Excel 2007 help icon

    OR press F1.

  • The Excel Help window is displayed. Excel attempts to use your Internet connection to update its topics.
  • Excel 2007 help window

  • The various ranges of help topics are displayed. You can click on any topic to get help. As an example, click on the What's new link. You will see the following.
  • Excel 2007 help topic

  • You can click on any link topics and continue reading the particular topic.
  • When you have finished experimenting, close the Excel Help window.

To search for help

  • Press F1 to open the Excel Help window.
  • From the Excel Help window, type in a keywords or words relating to the help you need within the text box near the top of the window.
  • Excel 2007 help text box

  • For instance, to display help about printing, type in the word 'print'. Click on the Search button next to the text input box. You will see a range of topics related to printing.
  • Clicking on any of these topics will display more information about Excel printing.

To display Help Table of Contents

  • Press F1 to open the Excel Help window.
  • Excel 2007 help table of contents icon

  • Click on the Table of Contents icon (the one with book icon). You will now see a Table of Contents displayed down the left side of the Excel Help window.
  • Excel 2007 help table of contents

To print a help topic

  • Display an item of interest within the Excel Help window.
  • Click on the Print icon displayed within the Excel Help toolbar. This will print the current page.
  • Excel 2007 help print icon

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