"Now YOU Can Laugh Your Excel 2007 Problems Away!"

At last, the truth will be unveiled in 276 letter-sized pages, PDF format, so that YOU can MASTER your Excel 2007 skills and solve your everyday Excel-related projects in the comfort of your own home!

From the desk of Wong Hing
Author, "The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007"

Dear Fellow Excel User,

Are you using Microsoft Excel but don’t really know how to use Excel rich features? Facing difficulty in completing the assignments on time or getting frustrated when using Excel in your day jobs due to lack of skills?

If you’d like to master your Excel skills, get promoted faster and have more income and free time without wasting time in a boring classroom, or getting frustrated in the office, then help is finally here!

You do not need to quit your job. It’s time to start mastering your Excel skills now!

Imagine…if you discovered lots of new skills to boost your productivity in Excel. Don't you think that would save you time and energy?

Couldn't you start getting things done more efficiently? Began completing your Excel related tasks/projects 20%, 50% or even 200% faster!!

Yes, you can do it! Although Excel is getting more and more powerful, there is still a steep learning curve for new users.

That’s why I came out with this e-book that will share Excel’s wonderful secrets with you and give you a quantum leap in productivity.


The Ultimate Guide To Excel 2007

The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007

Secrets to Unlock Your Excel Potentials

"The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007
makes it possible for Y-O-U
to learn and master the program!"

This unique and easy-to-learn e-book contains… a complete step-by-step guide (with practical examples) to Microsoft Office Excel 2007.

The book clearly shows you lots of important Excel features from the basics to the advanced. It reveals the full secrets behind the Microsoft Office Excel 2007 program.

With this, it scales you up to full-professional level quite quickly. In fact, not only will you pick Excel up fast, you'll soon be showing others how to use it better like an expert.

It may seem like a mystery for you to know. But this is possible because you learn only features that matter and are the most efficient.

Yes, you really can do it ... once you get a jump-start with the course. It's rather like learning to drive a car ... once you understand the essential controls you can drive any car you choose, and go anywhere you want ... on your own!

A book for ALL! People of all ages, genders, and nationalities, regardless of educational ability or technical expertise, can benefit from this book. Upon completing the book, you will no longer be an ‘Excel newbie’. You can apply the knowledge you will gain in your daily job and make your life easier.

Best of all, and even more importantly…

"You Do Not Need To Be Technical."

The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007! Does not have to be complicated.

Let’s make one thing clear --- We are NOT technical people. If you want to follow the book, you also do NOT NEED to be a technical person. I speak English, just like you, and I like to keep things as simple as possible.

I’m a busy person, like you. Trust me, I understand that you don’t have tons of time to dedicate to keep trying the course book by simply trial and error. Therefore, I have collected common mistakes made by new users and customized a step-by-step e-book – The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007.

Once you get the e-book, just point and click and follow the step-by-step instructions. It is the entry-point for you to learn and master your Excel 2007 skills.

It's a whole new picture-driven, step-by-step learning process that's far easier to read than other similar manuals you find anywhere else. This course is suitable for every Excel user, regardless of skill level.

There’s …

  • No 'Techie-Talk'
  • No Excel knowledge required to get started.
  • No boringly complicated and mystifying lingo.
  • No painfully tedious instructions that talk you down and leave you stranded.
  • No timetable constraint that fully controls your learning process.

The e-book is professionally written in plain English. With this book, you can cover almost all of the features available in the Microsoft Office Excel 2007 program.

It does everything for you. Motivation is the only ingredient required, as you will need to keep reading and practicing until you finish the entire book.

While The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007! can lead you to master the program, please remember…you, after all, need to dedicate yourself throughout the learning process.

Then, you may think…

What’s So Different About This Book?

The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007! is a BIG, detailed learning course of ...

  • 276 pages of step-by-step contents.
  • 350+ graphical illustrations of screen captures from the program.
  • Completely-attached pre-design Excel workbooks that put you in real-life practical sessions.
  • Earlier versions of Excel course manual, exercises, and tips.

The book is designed...
Specifically for Excel users like you!

Let me emphasize that The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007! covers far more than finding the subject. It's the entry point course book to help you become proficient in using Microsoft Excel.

The entire book supports you with a robust, step-by-step, "yes-we've-thought-of-everything" approach to make you master the Office Excel 2007 program.

So this winning formula definitely can save lots of your time. You will have more time for yourself to do anything that you like - at the same time, you can master the program at your own pace.

This definitely can increase your personal confidence and productivity. With your competency, people will respect and appreciate you more! You will feel a terrific sense of achievement.

"I feel fortunate to have found the book.
It's Step-by-step, perfect with clear graphical illustrations.
Not only I learned, it can be a useful teaching aid for me!"

I would like to congratulate and thank you for your book, The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007, and let me state the reason why:

Your book saved me a lot of time and a very good tool not just to learn and use Excel but also a useful teaching aid.

As a BI Manager, I have to design analytical reports and distribute such to all relevant users in the company. These analytical reports were developed in an Excel Workbooks and VBA programs were used to aid users in the analytical processes.

I don't have any formal training in Microsoft Excel, my know-how is more on a per need basis (except for the VBA part). My main handicap was manual operation and using the Menu and other menu based functionalities. Employees of Binzagr normally calls upon the Computer Department for assistance especially in using Excel, which in most cases it will take time before I can response, because I still have to experiment how to do it in Excel.

Thanks to The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007, the book did not only provide me enough information but also taught me how to teach these ribbon-based functionalities to our users.

~ Fernando (Ding) Vicente
Binzagr SAP Project
BI Binzagr Team Lead
(Filipino working at Saudi Arabia)
eMail: ding.vicente@binzagr.com.sa

You Can Learn At Your Own Pace!

Remember your school days when you were in classes that left you frustrated because the teacher went over topics too fast? How about those other times when you were bored to death because the teacher was moving too slowly? How much did you learn then?

This will likely be the same when you take Excel courses in a classroom setting. The teacher will still dictate the pace based on a fixed time table.

One very good advantage about the book is that you can learn it at anytime and anywhere at your own pace.

The important thing here is you can learn the programs at your own speed and at your own convenience without being restricted to a class schedule. It’s very flexible for you and you can control your time easily.

Physically getting to the classes wastes your precious time, not to mention your money with course fees, parking, and so on. Isn't it much better to learn from the comfort of your own home, saving you time and money?

For your convenience, The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007! is in a downloadable PDF format e-book, so that you can get started at any time without worrying about transportation to a classroom or book shipping costs.

You can go through the book as quickly as you like. You can move to any topic that grabs your attention, or go through a function as many times as you want. It's all up to you.

Well, I’m truly confident that The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007! can deliver what you originally wanted and expected from the course… mastery of the program!

"I never thought that Excel would be so fun to use!"

I used to create tables using MS Word, now I am using Excel to the fullest for all my personal information and documents.

I found this step-by-step book helped me understand how to use the different functions in Excel and other features that is amazing.

The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007 book is an asset to me and in my opinion really worth purchasing.

~ Jocelyn Deslauriers
Ontario, Canada
eMail: jeanlyn@allstream.net

You Will Become Highly Valued and Sought After!

You will know Excel so well after finishing the book that soon after, others will approach you when they need help. They will come to depend on you to help create effective spreadsheets with stunning diagrams and graphics.

These skills help set you apart from other people and increase your value tremendously. This will help increase job security and chances of promotion in your current work.

This also helps if you are seeking new employment. Once you demonstrate your exceptional knowledge of Excel to potential employers, they will take special note of you and give better job offers.

Here are just some of the amazing secrets, tips and skills this e-book will teach you:

  • The 'fast-track' way to let you get familiar and use the Excel 2007 new ribbon and interface! (Page 7)
  • You know how to save your workbook that can be open in different versions of Microsoft Office? Where to download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for FREE! (Page 12)
  • How to start your workbook from the templates (pre-design workbook). Without this important skill, you will need to spend your time designing it yourself! Examples of templates available are invoice, calendar, PO, inventory control, different types of reports and forms, etc. (Page 17)
  • Where to get your ‘personal assistant’ for FREE when you encounter any Excel related questions or problems. (Page 41)
  • Producing eye-popping worksheets is no longer a dream for you! There is an entire chapter dedicated to skills of Excel 2007 formatting. (Page 47)
  • You may not believe this, but: What you see is not always the actual data in the Excel cell! Discover WHY! (Page 66)
  • Critical conditions to be aware of and how to use Excel’s Data Analysis Tools such as sorting and filtering data, calculating subtotals, and creating a PivotTable. (Page 85)

Do you believe that you will master all those skills?

YES! You'll Walk Away KNOWING This
And So Much More ... Such as:

  • The two magic characters in Excel. You will learn how to use these ‘must have’ characters when writing the Excel formulas. (Page 105)
  • How using the Excel’s rich built-in functions can simplify and shorten formula creation, allowing structural updating to spreadsheets more easily. (Page 119)
  • Understanding and properly using the 4 types of cell references to reduce spreadsheet setup time, allows quick updating to setup structure, and use many of Excel’s advanced features and tricks. (Page 129)
  • Discovering the power of Assumption Tables and how they can save your time by creating formulas and make your worksheet more professional. (Page 146)
  • You can easily transform the Excel numeric table into different types of colorful charts and graphs – it’s as easy as 1-2-3!! (Page 175)
  • Using the shortcut keys available in Excel to complete your tasks even faster and more accurately! (Throughout the entire book)
  • Several other Excel tips and secrets that can SAVE YOUR TIME!

By the time you finish the e-book…

You will be able to start using Excel 2007 instantly, even if you are an Excel newbie!

Keep in mind that you are always in control of your own learning. Using this self-paced active-learning approach, you should be familiar with the entire Excel program like a true professional in no time. It's really that simple.

So, do you WANT to be the next one to master the program?

Of course you do.

But Before That - Great Bonuses Are Awaiting You!

To add some more ingredients to the cake, here’s how I polish you to become a real Microsoft Excel expert!

If you are not confident in using the old versions of Excel – 2000, XP or 2003, then here are some great supplements…

You’re getting the SUPER FREE BONUSES to make your dream of becoming Microsoft Office Pro even faster without having to incur all the mistakes everybody else makes when they’re starting off.

The 3 fast action bonuses for YOU including…

Free Bonus #1:
Mastering Excel for Office 2003, XP and 2000 e-book ($19.95 value)

This e-book is the complete Excel guide that is suitable for Excel version 2003, XP and 2000. If you’re still using the earlier version of Excel, this is the complete manual for you.

Free! If you get a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007!
(Buy 1 Free 1! )

If you seriously plan on switching to the latest version of Excel 2007 and discovering the rich features of Excel 2007, then this is the golden opportunity for you!

Even if you are not very good using existing version of Excel, you must take this opportunity to get this free bonus to master your skills. This manual definitely fits your needs.


Well, sooner or later you will need to upgrade to Excel 2007. When you do, you still can use the complete manual - The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007!

So, take advantage of it while it’s free for you!

Free Bonus #2:
Mastering Micosoft Excel - Exercise Pack ($14.95 value)

I believe the best way to master Microsoft Excel is through real practice experience. You need to experience it, do it, and apply it!

What is so different about this Exercise Pack?

  • No fill-in-the-blanks!
  • No objective questions!
  • Few subjective questions to test your concept of understanding.
  • Focus on real, practical questions.

The major goal of this exercise pack is to put you in a world-class, real practice lesson where you can use the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) method in order to get the end answers.

More practice and more skills help you master the course faster!

Some of the exercise questions are complete with answers so you can determine your ability and skill level.

Free Bonus #3:
Microsoft Office Excel – Tips and Tricks ($9.95 value)

This small booklet gives you dozens of valuable Microsoft Excel tips and tricks that are hard to discover - yes, you get to leapfrog to the front of the class!

It’s a collection of tips, tricks, hints and techniques that are packed together in a booklet to reveal the top secrets behind the Microsoft Excel program.

Some of the special tips are not highlighted in the course manual. So, when you read through, you will discover more secrets of these program abilities; explore other options and ultimately, realize the power of using the Excel program. The best thing is that this book is absolutely free with the purchase of The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007!

You can get the e-books with zero cost! What more can you expect when everything is already lined up for you?

And, I think this might be the best part of all…

"You Don't Even Have to Worry About the Price..."

You probably still have the following thoughts:

"This manual has to cost an arm and a leg!"

While there is good reason to think that, it's absolutely not true. Surely, there are expensive courses out there promising you the world. It doesn’t have to be that way.

The good news about The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007 is that it will deliver extremely high-quality information to you at an absolute bargain!

If you act today, you will get the full The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007! e-book for a single payment of $29.97.

That’s right, just $29.97. You get the e-book plus all the bonuses… This is the key that can catapult you from the newbie to accomplished Excel veteran at a stroke.

The Excel skills you gain as a result of these proven e-books can easily pay you back hundreds (probably thousands) times your meager investment.

This definitely is a very affordable price to start and master the Microsoft Office Excel program compared to other costly instructional manuals.

Furthermore, the cost of The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007! is a mere fraction of what you would pay for a similar course at a college, part-time community class, or conference workshop. You won’t have to make financial sacrifices to learn the program.

Your investment in this low cost, invaluable book can literally transform your everyday use of Excel. So you can either choose to stay as you are now or you can make your life easier and more enjoyable with new Excel skills at hand…forever!

So, let me wrap it up nicely for you with an unbeatable guarantee.

100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee…

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Get a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007! NOW and check it out for a full 30-day period. It’s totally RISK FREE!


If within 30 days, and for any reason whatsoever, you feel that the e-book is not for you, just let me know and you will get a full refund. No questions asked! The book is yours to keep - you won’t even have to return it!

That means you can’t lose no matter what!

So you see, with the total confidence of my cast-iron guarantee and backed with highly professional support, I have gone to great lengths to ensure your success.

You are also in total control. Why wait any longer when you can try it risk-free NOW?

"Decide NOW And Master Your Excel Skills!"

Why should you decide right NOW?

This special low price on the product is offered for a limited time. I intend to increase the price to more accurately reflect the actual value of this e-book!

Also, this e-book is loaded with benefits and is easily available to you NOW.

And more importantly...Nothing will change if you don’t take the first step to make things change for you.

So…Are you serious? I mean really serious about realizing your dream of mastering Microsoft Office Excel?

If you are, then get your hands on "The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007!" Now!

Right NOW!

Not later. Not tomorrow. Not someday else…

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You will be downloading and reading the e-book and incredible bonuses within just a few minutes... and using it to boost your Excel skills, build personal credibility and create more wealth for you!

To your success,

Wong Hing

P.S. Just think! With a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2007! you’ll never suffer through the pain and hassle of completing Excel-related tasks by yourself and see your productivity soar!. And you have nothing to lose as you can take a full 30-day trial to decide! Remember…the 100% Money-back satisfaction guarantee turns your purchase into "no risk trial"

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