The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2003 VBA Book (Training Manual)

The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2003 VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) book or training manual can be used as a reference guide for you to discover the most advanced features in Excel. It is divided into chapters, as you can see from the TOC below.

Among the topics that you can learn included macros; range objects; Objects, Properties and Methods; Variable, data types and Constants; Control Structures; Dialogs and Forms; customizing toolbars and add-ins; Debugging and Error trapping; Function Procedures; and Worksheet and Workbook Events.


Chapter 1: Excel 2003 Macro
What Is A Macro?
Recording A Macro
Running A Macro
Relative References

Chapter 2: Assigning Macros To Objects
Assigning A Macro To A Button On A Sheet
Assigning A Macro To A Drawn Object On A Sheet
Assigning A Macro To A Button On A Toolbar
Exercise 1
Answers To Exercise 1

Chapter 3: Editing Macros
Visual Basic Editor
Inserting Comments
Printing A Visual Basic Module
Exercise 2
Answers To Exercise 2

Chapter 4: The Range Object
Cells Method
Range Method
Flexible Ranges
Range Contents
Exercise 3
Answers To Exercise 3

Chapter 5: Workbooks And Sheets
Activating A Workbook
Activating A Worksheet

Chapter 6: Objects, Properties And Methods
Controlling Objects With Their Properties
Performing Actions With Methods
Performing Multiple Actions On An Object
Exercise 4
Answers To Exercise 4

Chapter 7: Variables And Constants
Data Types
Exercise 5
Answers To Exercise 5

Chapter 8: Control Structures
Conditional Control Structures
Looping Control Structures
Non-Structured Statements
Sub Procedures
Exercise 6
Answers To Exercise 6

Chapter 9: Dialogs And Forms
Built-In Dialog Boxes
Predefined Dialog Boxes
User-Defined Forms
Worksheet Forms
User-Defined Forms
Adding Form Controls
Form Control Properties
Control And Dialog Box Events
Displaying And Dismissing A User Form
Handling Form Controls
Exercise 7
Answers To Exercise 7

Chapter 10: Storing Information
The Windows Registry
Settings Files

Chapter 11: Toolbars And Display
About Toolbars And Menus
Customised Toolbars
Exercise 8

Chapter 12: Debugging And Error Trapping
Break Mode
Instant Watch
Error Handling
Error Handling Example

Chapter 13: Worksheet And Workbook Events
Worksheet Object Events
Workbook Object Events

Chapter 14: Function Procedures
User-Defined Functions
Exercise 9
Answers To Exercise 9

Chapter 15: Add-In Applications
Creating An Add-In
Exercise 10

Appendix A - Naming Conventions
User Form Controls
Memory Variables

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