Excel 2003 Data Analysis Tools: Sort Data, Subtotals, Pivot Tables and What-If Analysis

This tutorial shows some of the Excel 2003 data analysis tools, including:

Sorting and filtering lists: With the information you have in a list, you can sort and display data that meet certain criteria, insert formulas to calculate subtotals, and create summary tables.

Subtotals: Excel can quickly goes through the whole table and inserts rows and adds totals for the column that you specify.

PivotTable: It is a quick way to analyze data such as summing up data in a rectangular table shape when you have more than one category to summarize upon.

What-If Analysis: The ability to assist in decision making with dynamic models. A dynamic model uses formulas that instantly recalculate when you change values in cells that are used by the formulas.

You can either view or download the pdf report by clicking here.

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