The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2003 Book (Training Manual)

The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2003 book or training manual can be used as a reference guide for you to discover the useful features in Excel. It is divided into chapters, as you can see from the TOC below.

If you already have experience using Excel spreadsheets you may not need to read explanations about each command, and instead can go right to the instructions to find out how to do it.


About This Manual

CHAPTER 1: The Excel 2003 Basics
Basic Concepts
Excel 2003 Basics
The Spreadsheet Concept
The Excel 2003 Screen Layout
Use Toolbars
Use Menus
Shortcut Menus
Smart Tags
Getting Help
Maximise Windows

Chapter 2: Data Entering & Editing
Data Entry
Editing Data
Selecting Data
Select Cells The Mouse
Clear Cells
Data Entry

Chapter 3: File Operations
File Operations – Save, Close, Open
Close All Files
Create Workspace Files

Chapter 4: Moving And Copying Data
Move & Copy
Moving And Copying Between Files
Using The Clipboard

Chapter 5: Excel Formatting
Advanced Formats
Formatting Columns And Rows
Insert And Delete Cells
Format Painter
Shortcut Keys For Formatting
Format Cells Dialog
Conditional Formatting

Chapter 6: Formulae And Functions
Filling Formulae
Counting And Totalling Cells Conditionally
Absolute And Relative References

Chapter 7: Names
Names In Formulae

Chapter 8: Working With Multiple Worksheets
Multiple Worksheets
Group Worksheets
3-D Formulae
Protect Worksheet Data

Chapter 9: Excel 2003 Printing
Printing (Page Setup)
Page Breaks
Print Data

Chapter 10: Manipulating Large Worksheets
Split Screen
Freeze Panes

Chapter 11: Data Manipulations

Chapter 12: Customisation
Customising Excel 2003

Appendix One
Standard Toolbar
Formatting Toolbar
Formatting Toolbar
Auditing Toolbar
Movement Keys
Mouse Selection Methods
Selection Keys
Formatting Keyboard Shortcuts


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