The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2003 Advanced Book (Training Manual)

The Ultimate Guide to Excel 2003 Advanced book or training manual can be used as a reference guide for you to discover the most advanced features in Excel. It is divided into chapters, as you can see from the TOC below.

Among the topics that you can learn included Advanced Functions; Views, Scenarios & Reports; Managing Excel Lists; Advanced Charts; Templates and Auditing.


About This Manual

Chapter 1: Advanced Worksheet Functions
Using Names
Conditional & Logical Functions
And, Or, Not
Lookup Functions
Nested Lookups
Goal Seek And Solver
Goal Seek

Chapter 2: Views, Scenarios & Reports
Views & Scenarios
Custom Views
Scenario Manager
Print Reports

Chapter 3: Using Excel To Manage Lists
Excel Lists
List Terminology
Sorting Data
Custom Sorting Options
Filtering A List
Data Form
Advanced Filtering
List Statistics
Pivot Tables

Chapter 4: Charts
Introduction To Chart
Excel Charts
Chart Wizard
Data Layout
Chart Toolbar
Chart Toolbar
Chart Types
Formatting Chart
Basic Chart Formats
3-D Chart Formatting Options
Manipulating Chart Data
The Series Function
Charting With Blocks Of Data
Picture Charts

Chapter 5: Templates
Introduction To Templates
Standard Templates
Custom Templates

Chapter 6: Auditing
Auditing Features
Precendents And Dependants

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