Excel COUNT Function

Excel COUNT function will return the number of entries (actually counts each cell that contains number data) in the selected range of cells.

Text and blank entries are not counted. If number data is later added to an empty cell in the range, the count total is automatically updated.

The syntax for the function is:

Argument is the range of cells to be totaled.

To use the COUNT function (an example)

  • Enter the following data into cells B1 to C6:

    Excel COUNT function data

  • Click on cell C7 where the results will be displayed.
  • Type =COUNT(B1:C6) in cell C7.
  • Once finish, press the Enter key on the keyboard.
  • The answer 12 appears in cell C7.

    Note: Since dates, times, and formulas are stored as numbers in Excel, the COUNT function will include any cells containing these types of data in the total.

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