Copy Excel Worksheet from one Workbook to Another

Do you need to copy Excel worksheet?

If you use Microsoft Excel, then you’ve run into the situation where the information in a worksheet is needed in another workbook. You could go through and copy and paste the cells from one worksheet to another, but if you are working with a large spreadsheet, this is way too painful. Excel makes it easy to copy (and even easier to move) worksheets from one workbook to another.

To copy a worksheet to another workbook

  • Open the workbook that you intend to copy the worksheet. (Ex: Book1)
  • Open another workbook that you want the worksheet copied to. (Ex: Book2)
  • Go to the workbook with the desired worksheet that you wish to copy. Right-click on the tab of the target worksheet.

    Excel move or copy option

  • Select Move or Copy… from the menu.

    move or copy sheet

  • From the Move or Copy window appears, use the To book: dropdown list to select the workbook that you want to copy the worksheet to. (Ex: Book2)
  • Then select the existing sheet that you want the copy to be placed in front of. For example, if you select the Sheet2, the copied worksheet will be place before the Sheet2.
  • Check the Create a copy check box.
  • Click OK. You will now have the same worksheet in both workbooks.

    Note: To move a worksheet to another workbook, just follow the above steps and simply exclude checking the Create a copy check box.

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