The Ultimate Guide to Access 2003 Book (Training Manual)

The Ultimate Guide to Access 2003 book or training manual can be used as a reference guide for you to discover the important features in Access. It is divided into chapters, as listed below.

If you already have experience using an Access database you may not need to read explanations about each command, and instead can go right to the instructions to find out how to do it. Look for the hand icon preceding the step-by-step instructions for each Access command.


About This Manual

Chapter 1: Access 2003 Screen
Basic Concepts
The Screen Layout
Database Window
Using Help
Using The Office Assistant
Ask A Question Box

Chapter 2: Access 2003 Overview
What Is A Database?
Naming Conventions
Planning A Database

Chapter 3: Creating A Database
Starting And Naming A Database
Creating A Table
Setting A Primary Key
Field Properties
Other Field Properties
Editing The Table Structure
Saving Tables
Creating A Table Using A Table Wizard

Chapter 4: Database Manipulations
Switch Between Views Of A Table
Adding New Records
Selecting Fields & Records In Datasheet View
Editing Table Data
Moving Around A Table
The Undo/Redo Command
Spell Checking Feature
Searching & Replacing Information

Chapter 5: Table Properties
Changing The Table Appearance
Modifying The Row Height
Inserting /Deleting Columns And Records
Altering Column Order
Freezing Columns
Hiding Columns
Sorting Data In A Table

Chapter 6: Importing And Linking Data
Importing From Access And Excel
Linking To Access And Excel
Round Tripping Between Versions
Renaming And Copying Tables

Chapter 7: Using Filter And Select Queries
Filtering Data In A Table
Saving And Loading Existing Filters
Running A Select Query
Display/Suppress The Display Of A Field
Remove Fields From A Query
Specifying Text, Numeric, Date, And Logic Criteria
Calculated Fields
Using Query Wizards

Chapter 8: Relationships
Why Do We Need Relationships?
Different Types Of Relationships
Creating A Relationship
Referential Integrity
Cascade Update
Cascade Delete

Chapter 9: Multi-Table Queries
Multiple Table Queries
Joining Tables In Queries
Find Unmatched Query Wizard
Find Duplicates Query Wizard

Chapter 10: Creating Forms
Using Forms
Creating A Form
Viewing Forms
Moving Around Form View
The Form Wizard
Datasheet Form Wizard
Pivot Form Wizard
Creating Forms Using The Wizard
Data Entry In Forms
Resizing Forms

Chapter 11: Form Layout And Formatting
Editing Forms
The Field List Box
Formatting Controls
Creating Reports
Types Of Reports
Page Components
Grouping And Summarising Data
Viewing Reports
Mailing Labels

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